Field Trip

It is a pretty great thing to be an adult and go on a field trip. At the end of February, four of us headed across the country to Santa Barbara. Over three hundred… Continue reading

year two

camping, canaan valley.

Mama’s Day.

On Mother’s Day this year, a surprise came all the way from PA in the form of Eloy, Becky, Addie and Joel.


In case you needed to see a few more pictures of our dreamy weekend in Wilkesboro, NC…

Texas, part III

Muscle men, Octavier, so much baseball, and chiuheenie. And now… the greatest baseball player to grace this earth… And Corpus Christie / San Antonio to end the trip.

Texas, part II

Walks around town, dunking with moms and pops, guns, and more Chiuheenie.

Texas, part I

Easter, so many precious cousins, and Chiuheenie (the chihuahua). Photos by Adam & I. Driving to the homeland! Cascarones are eggs filled with confetti, and they come out in full force during Easter.… Continue reading

Springtime Snow

Snow Plow


Portrait of a 17 month old.